1st Thursday Restaurants

Baramee Thai RestaurantThe Downtown San Pedro Restaurants open for 1st Thursday cater to a wide variety of cusines and price ranges. You can almost take a trip around the world by visiting the various restaurants and there's plenty of local hometown favorites too.

As you walk around the Historic Downtown be sure and check out the different "1st Thursday Night Specials" offered by the different cafes. Many of the establishments have free entertainment for you to enjoy as you dine.

Blu Restaurant and Bar at the Crowne Plaza
601 Palos Verdes Street (at the corner of 6th and Palos Verdes Streets) 310-519-8200
California Cuisine

620 S. Centre Street (Corner of 6th and Centre Streets) 310-519-1300

Happy Diner
617 S. Centre Street 310-241-0917

Think Café
302 West 5th Street 310-519-3662

Neil´s Pasta and Seafood Grill
383 West 5th Street 310-548-3495
Pasta and Seafood

Green Onion
145 West 6th Street 310-519-063

Hojas Tea House
222 West 6th Street 310-518-9454
Premium Teas

San Pedro Brewing Co.
331 West 6th Street 310-831-5663
Micro Brewery, Traditional, Live Music

Philie B´s
347 West 6th Street 310-514-2500
New York Style Pizza

Baramee Thai Restaurant
354 West 6th Street 310-521-9400
Thai Food

Beach City Grill
376 West 6th Street 424-287-0645
Quirky, colorful spot offering tacos, sandwiches & Cajun fare, plus weekly live music, since 1988.

380 West 6th Street 310-832-5585
Japanese, Sushi

Niko´s Pizzeria
399 West 6th Street 310-241-1400

NUDA Juice & Wellness Shop
407 W. 6th Street 323-769-9713
Organic Raw Vegan Cuisine & Fresh Pressed Juicery

Sacred Grounds Coffee House
464 West 6th Street 310-514-0800

Off the Vine
691 West 6th Street 310-831-1551

Godmothers Saloon
302 West 7th Street 310-833-1589
A Real Bar, Live Music

Punto Cubano Restaurant
309 West 7th Street 310-833-1589

Whale and Ale
327 West 7th Street 310-832-0363
English Pub, Live Music

Jackson´s Place
335 West 7th Street 310-833-3359
Wine and Beer Lounge

Sirens Coffee and Tea House
356 West 7th St. 424-477-5603

Raffaéllo Ristoránte
400 S. Pacific Avenue 310-514-0900

San Pedro Café
605 S. Pacific Avenue 310-547-0961

Brite Spot Mexican Restaurant
615 Pacific Avenue 310-833-2599

Jolly Burrito
726 S. Pacific Avenue 310-832-9196

Waterfront Restaurants

Catalina Bistro and Express Grill
Berth 95 Harbor Blvd & Swinford St 310-707-2440

Café International
1195 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-519-1775

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Y Cantina
1195 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-548-6800

Alaska Seafood & Sushi
1112 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-547-1961

Crusty Crab
1146 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-519-9058

Pan Pacific Restaurant
1112 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-732-1442

San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant
1190 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-832-4251

Boardwalk Cafe
1199 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-519-7551

Ports O' Call Restaurant
1200 Nagoya Way (Ports O´ Call) 310-833-3553


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